Yummi Candles Established in 1976. Made in Canada.Yummi Candles has been family-owned and operated since 1976.
1331 Blundell Road Mississauga ON
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*Excludes the Set of 72 Votives in Clear and Wholesale Tealights*

Essential Oils

  1. Essential Oil Single Note
  2. Essential Oil Blend
  3. Luxori Ultrasonic Diffuser
  4. Time Ultrasonic Diffuser

Essential Oils

At Yummi one thing we hold sacred is the power of nature and the abilities behind its natural properties. Essential oils take all the benefits of living nature and produce a natural environment soaked in exhilarating aromas. If filling your surroundings with all natural wellness is your goal then look no further than the richness that essential oils deliver. Choose from our wide assortment of essential oils and let our wide assortment of high quality compounds give way to a delightful journey through scent. Depending on your desired strength for best results we recommend adding 5-15 drops to water in the bowl of a heat tempered glass, ceramic or a stoneware diffuser and light the appropriate candle. If using an electric nebulizing diffuser also add 5-15 drops depending on desired strength and always remember to follow manufacturer provided product instructions.

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