Yummi Candles Established in 1976. Made in Canada.Yummi Candles has been family-owned and operated since 1976.
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*Excludes the Set of 72 Votives in Clear and Wholesale Tealights*

Changes Made in Accordance to COVID-19

We remain committed to helping Canadians access candles, hand soaps, cleaners and related  products that are needed to keep communities safe while  providing a sense a warmth and comfort. However, we take the importance of increasing social distancing measures seriously.


**** Delivery Delays ****

First and foremost, we sincerely apologize for any delays in deliveries and will do our best to provide more transparency on the external forces causing the delay.

Although we try our absolute best to get your order to you as fast as possible, we have limited control over the logistics associated with the global supply chain that is currently causing delays in the delivery of materials. We work with raw material producers and manufacturers worldwide to source and import the necessary materials to build your order. Herein is where the delay occurs.

In summary, as our economies continue to restart after the covid-19 shutdowns, a shortage of shipping containers has emerged. The result is an extensive backlog and congested state of global shipping routes that are entirely out of our control. Consequently, we have no choice but to hold customer orders until vital shipment of raw material arrives at our facility.

For a more detailed explanation, please click here https://www.forbes.com/sites/garthfriesen/2021/09/03/no-end-in-sight-for-the-covid-led-global-supply-chain-disruption/?sh=47295ee33491

 Additionally, we are experiencing a higher than normal influx of orders. We will try our best to meet our advertised shipping times however we cannot guarantee that Standard Ground shipments will arrive on time. Unfortunately it is not business as usual and we are currently experiencing a delay of anywhere from 10-15 business days. We appreciate your support and understanding as we work tirelessly to improve shipping times during these unprecedented times. 


The following changes have been implemented:

Yummi Stores

Under Ontario’s Phase 1 reopening regulations, as of Friday June 11th we will be open for in-person shopping at our Distillery store and Mississauga Factory store. Our workshops are postponed until further notice. Curbside pickup is available at the Mississauga Factory store location.

For up-to-date Mississauga and Distillery curbside pickup hours, click the link here: https://www.yummicandles.ca/pages/find-a-store

Shop Online

As always, our online store is still up and running, orders will be fulfilled and shipped.

Due to COVID-19, there is curbside pick up at our Mississauga store. Canada Post/UPS shipping is available across Canada and the U.S. However, customers should expect delays due to the pandemic and high order volumes. To help protect customers, in the past weeks we have enhanced our daily cleaning procedures and are implementing individual cleaning protocol at all our pick and pack stations. We continue to educate ourselves with CDC guidance for maintaining healthy habits, and are offering flexibility for employees who need to stay home.

For more information on curbside pickup, click the link here: https://www.yummicandles.ca/pages/curbside-pickup


    Our workshops will be resuming in January 2022 with new safety procedures and a new format. For more information and to book online now, click the link here: https://www.yummicandles.ca/pages/scented-candle-workshop

    Please be assured that all previously booked workshops will still be honoured. Any workshop candles currently at the store can be picked up now. 

    In closing, we are here to help in times of crisis and as we navigate through this together. We want to thank you for your continued patience and understanding during this time, while we help keep each other safe and healthy.

    *Subject to change and contingent on pandemic by-laws, please stay tuned on any further updates or date changes.

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